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Welcome !!!

Welcome to the home page for the Doncaster Detector & Collectors Club .

The aim of this site is to tell you about the club and show you what we do . The links below will take you to our online Photo Album where you can see some of the finds made by the members of our club . The Photo Album also contains pictures of some of the articles for sale . Information on these can be found under the For Sale link below .

Thanks for visiting & please keep checking the site as I will update it as often as I can .

Doncaster Detector & Collectors Club


Photo Album

Click the link above to visit our photo album . There are section ranging from Roman Finds to Georgian & articles for sale . Keep checking over the next few weeks as I hope to be adding numerous articles on seals soon .

If you have anything you would like to sell , be it machines , artifacts , books etc. click here

This is the section for informationa bout the club and articles from it's members . Just click on the heading that interests you .

The Club The Committee Member Articles
Charity Work Portable Antiquities Scheme Links

Below you will find our guestbook (so please sign it !!!) , a message board for any questions or comments about the page and various relevant web rings that will take you to the pages of other societies and give you some important links (alternatively , see the links section above) .